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Vita has successfully helped clients lose an average of over 14 pounds of fat in 12 weeks during our Real Nutrition program.  Graduates of the program have found true lifestyle change and a renewed sense of wellness, as evidenced by some of the testimonials we have received:
By the end of the program I had lost 10 pounds of fat and gained nearly 4 pounds of muscle. Some of the other benefits that I didn’t see coming were:
*improved sleep
*more energy
*enjoying food more
*spending less on food by eating better
*improvement in my skin
*improved muscle tone
*more muscle-increased strength”  G.W.
Having committed to a solely plant-powered (vegan) lifestyle, Colleen’s expertise and individualized nutrition planning continues to help me realize my own athletic goals.  As a senior endurance runner and professional coach, her knowledge and support have really helped me both re-shape my own wellness profile, as well as increase my overall understanding of nutritional needs.
The nutrition plan that you prepared was thoroughly and patiently explained as to the reason for each food group and the corresponding impact on the body – non-starch vegetables, protein, fats and starchy foods.
The weekly check-ins actually became a valued accountability checkpoint and you were very patient in answering any questions throughout the 12-week period.”  R.C. 
The program has now been running for a year and we have recognized that a price adjustment will be necessary due to the extensive amount of time and customization Colleen provides for each client.  Beginning September 6, 2016, the price for the program will increase to $500 to reflect the level of service provided.
We look forward to working with you toward your health and wellness goals and can’t wait to see what kind of progress you can make!
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