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Last fall, I wrote a blog that talked about the medically-oriented gym (MOG) and how that concept was very similar to Vita’s business model and mission. Vita’s unique combination of physical therapy with a gym environment allows us to implement programs that help medically-compromised patients reach their full potential to lead healthy and active lives. The medical fitness program at Vita benefits people struggling with diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, scoliosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, depression, and many other chronic conditions.

One of the leading initiatives for the Department of Health and Human Services was launching the Healthy People 2020 campaign. The goal is to improve overall nutrition, increase physical activity, and decrease obesity. Collectively, making changes in these areas can help Americans “attain high-quality, longer lives free of preventable disease, disability, injury, and premature death.” Source: CDC

Vita shares this same vision as we strive to make these goals a reality through the Vita Medical Fitness program.

Goal: To aid with weight loss, physical fitness, and to promote a healthy lifestyle in a way that is manageable, cost-effective, and with the appropriate level of assistance based on your needs.

How do I get started? An initial assessment by a physical therapist will determine your beginning physical activity level. Based on this screening, you will be recommended to either PT-Guided Entry or Independent Entry to the Vita Medical Fitness program.

PT-Guided Entry: PT-Guided Entry consists of several one-on-one sessions with a Vita physical therapist to review basic physical fitness and familiarize you with the exercises in your program. This process will ensure proper form and safety within the exercise program. Once it is determined that you are ready, you will set up an exercise schedule and continue to perform the exercises within your program for a period of 30 days. If all goes well, you will then move on to the Independent Medical Fitness program.

Independent Medical Fitness: With this approach, you will begin with a personalized independent exercise program, which allows you to exercise in the gym during your appointment time. Each quarter, you will undergo a re-check to compare your current status with your baseline measures, to determine progress within the program. With your permission, a progress note will be composed and sent to your referring and/or primary care physician.

What will the progress note consist of? We will be tracking your progress through a series of measures that include cardiovascular capacity (VO2), body composition, and girth measurements. Your progress note will also include a record of your attendance.

Accountability: Accountability is the key to success and consistency with any exercise and fitness program. The Vita Medical Fitness program keeps people consistently attending by having set appointment times. You find the time that fits your schedule and put it on your calendar!

Incentives: As an incentive to maintain attendance, Vita will offer a free, 30-minute appointment with one of our personal trainers to review your program, re-check your form, and offer any advancement suggestions for your continued progress. This free offer is a reward for your attendance of at least 25 sessions within the first quarter and 35 sessions each quarter thereafter.

We are pleased to launch the Vita Medical Fitness program! As the program is in its inaugural stage, it will surely evolve over time. If you are interested in Vita’s Medical Fitness program or have any other questions, please contact Vita and ask for Tommy Grabowski.

-Tommy Grabowski, Owner/CEO
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