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What is the Vita Performance Academy?

The Vita Performance Academy is a medically based, comprehensive approach to establishing and accomplishing your performance goals regardless of your current physical condition.  Our therapists and trainers will work with you on a 1-on-1 basis to establish a performance plan that best suits you and your current physical condition. This four-step process takes you from goal setting, to physical assessment, to an individualized performance plan.

Is the Vita Performance Academy for me?

The Vita Performance Academy is a program designed with your individual goals in mind, whether you are trying to reclaim your health after a surgery, looking to shed some unwanted pounds, training to run your first 10K, or would simply like to play nine holes without the hassle of back and shoulder pain getting in the way.

How can the Vita Performance Academy help me?

The Vita Performance Academy starts with an initial goal review, in which you sit down with our physical therapist to review what you are specifically looking to accomplish. After your intentions are stated, a therapist will perform a functional analysis of your current abilities. Your goal specific functional analysis will include individualized bio-mechanical measurements, flexibility analysis, as well as other goal specific baseline measurements, which will be included in your baseline report.

What will the Vita Performance Academy do for me?

Working with the baseline report, which highlights your strengths and areas of need you will be provided with a performance plan. The performance plan will recommend the best course of action to reach your goals. This could include an independent exercise plan, physical therapy, personal training or medical fitness.

Depending on your condition and  the course of treatment that you decide on, some plans may be covered by insurance.

Click Here For further information on enrolling in the Vita Performance Academy or feel free to give us a call  at 414-272-8482 or shoot us an e-mail at


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