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Trigger point dry needling is a treatment technique that has rapidly increased in popularity within the physical therapy community. Dry needling is used to restore function and decrease pain. Injury or repetitive micro trauma to the body can result in trigger points, which can be simply described as a painful area within the muscle. Chemical and physical changes are present within dysfunctional muscles that result in pain and functional limitations.

Dry Needling in Action
Dry Needling in Action

Trigger point dry needling uses a solid monofilament needle to deactivate and reset the dysfunctional tissue and allow for restoration of neuromuscular function. Individuals of most ages and activity levels can benefit from dry needling and many professional and collegiate athletes are turning to dry needling for a fast and effective treatment to keep them in the game. When provided by an experienced and skilled practitioner improvement is commonly noted within 2-4 treatments. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from dry needling, but don’t just take our word for it, click here to view a short video featuring NFL legend Terry Bradshaw outlining the benefits of Trigger Point Dry Needling.

– Bradley Meyer – Doctor of Physical Therapy

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