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The Fourth of July congers up a variety of sensations: the smell of the grill, the sounds of family members laughing, the taste of a good hot dog and the vision of fireworks overhead. The Fourth is a day to spend time with those we care about, honoring those who gave us the freedom to do so. Unfortunately, all too often we confuse the enjoyment we ...

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Exercise & Depression

Exercise and Depression:  New Findings to Support Healthy Habits It is hard to go a day without seeing some type of advertisement for pharmacologic treatments, especially those for depression. In the US pharmacologic use is big business, as estimates from the Centers for Disease Control in the United States report approximately 10% of the ...

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Healthy Eating in July – Grilled Watermelon, Mint, and Feta Salad

Makes 6 Servings (serving size : 1 ⅓ cups salad) Ingredients                                                                   - 1 small watermelon (about 6 pounds), cut into 1-inch-thick rounds (lay melon on its side, and cut through rind and flesh with a shar...

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