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Ways to Avoid Overindulging During this Holiday Season

  • Stay out of the kitchen! Unless you are responsible for food preparation, steer clear of the kitchen to reduce the urge to “taste test” everything.
  • Eat breakfast. Even if you are having a large, festive lunch or dinner, equip your body with a healthy, energizing breakfast that will keep you full until you are ready to eat your big holiday meal.
  • Eat a delicious salad before filling up on high-calorie favorites. A dark green leafy salad is full of fiber and nutrients that your body craves to sustain energy and healthy digestion. Limit your intake of high-fat cheeses and creamy salad dressings (especially if you are looking forward to a rich dessert).
  • Use a smaller plate. Modest portions of each food allow room in your stomach to try some of everything, without overdoing it. If you can still see some of the plate below your food, you’ve likely chosen a modest portion.
  • Go for a walk or workout in the morning before your big meal. If your body is already burning calories when you sit down for a meal, additional calories and nutrients are more readily broken down and utilized, rather than being stored as fat. So, while the turkey is cooking, get the family out for a walk around the block. In the end, everyone will thank you, including your dog.
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