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My husband and I have both benefited from the services at Vita; experiencing professional physical therapy services and rehabilitative therapy as well as enjoying top-notch personal training with an emphasis on form and function.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tommy on an IT band issue. Not an enjoyable issue to resolve but Tommy executed with confidence and competence and kept me informed and educated to avoid future injuries.

The options for therapy were and continue to be outlined and the choice is mine to pursue a course of therapy based on the opinions and research of a highly professional staff.

My husband recently presented with a knee issue (possible torn meniscus) and Rachel was thorough in doing the necessary research to find the etiology of the problem, so he could finish his golf season without added pain.

I have been a Vita client for years and have been enjoying personal training. There is an added comfort of knowing that, at my age, should I need physical therapy services, I am in the right place.

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