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We have all been there at least a few times in our lives. Your alarm goes off and you choose to hit the snooze button rather than jump out of bed.

What if you set a new resolution for the month of February?

Put it in your head that you will do nine minutes of activity instead of sleeping during that snooze period? Believe me; nine extra minutes of activity every day will benefit you much more than 9 minutes of sleep! Go ahead and hit that snooze button, jump out of bed, and do the following for 9 minutes straight.

• 10 push-ups

• 20 squats

• 30 second plank

• 10 superman raises

Repeat until your alarm goes off. Do this at least 5 times per week and get ready to see some results after just a few weeks! If you get bored with these basic exercises, substitute them for others. Also, if you have one, ask your significant other to join you for extra support.

Happy “snoozing”!

-Lottie Kapitz, Personal Trainer

*Before starting any workout plan, verify with your physician to make sure you are ready to pursue rigorous exercise. (Remember our licensed physical therapists are able to provide an evaluation before starting any exercise)

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