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Recommending Vita is sort of like recommending my right arm. I found Vita because my arm was showing signs of tennis elbow and didn’t move like it used to. The fact that treatment included a range of therapeutic methods, while overlapping a fair bit, offered up healing with no real low points or setbacks. Vita is supported by an able team of nutrition experts, personal trainers and a massage therapist so healing can go beyond physical therapy alone. I’ve gotten a lot of use, care and benefit from my treatment at Vita.

Anne G.

I had a great experience with Vita over the two months I came for physical therapy, dry needling etc. I dealt exclusively with Brad who is fantastic. He is extremely knowledgable, personable and caring. Very professional, yet casual and inviting.

The symptoms/issues that brought me to Vita have not been completely resolved but I was given a solid treatment/workout plan that I will carry with me moving forward.

I will sincerely miss Brad, Gregg and Laura who were all so friendly. Vita’s environment is very positive and the equipment and facilities (machines, locker room, etc.) are top-notch!

Keep doing what you’re doing. You helped me a lot on many levels!

J. Cook

You treated me nine years ago for a slipped disk after I’d endured eight years of pain. I am so happy to report that I remain pain-free with full movement to this day. For this I cannot thank you enough! Since my great experience at Vita, I’ve been a big PT believer.

Thank you again for your exemplary care. You truly are a life saver!

Chad K.

The front desk is very friendly and helpful. The people at Vita are great. I would refer Vita to a friend or family member

Tom D.

I feel an improvement in my condition. My flexibility and balance is a lot better. Tommy is fabulous and the front desk has been great. Vita is great.

Tom W.

I am getting better every day. I definitely feel an improvement in my condition. Tommy is zeroed on. He is looking at multiple ways to make me better. I would recommend Vita to anybody. I have the ability to now play golf without any limitations. Used to have to use a cart and was not able to play a full round. Pain in sleep is almost gone; I am able to sleep a full night.

Tim S.

Vita has definitely improved my condition. Have not had any pain in the intermediate. I am comfortable to say I have seen a 100% improvement in my condition. With the exercises, figuring out exactly what is going on, and geared strengthening have all improved my condition. Rachel’s knowledge and care is amazing. Rachel seems to do and know everything correctly. Front desk is always very nice and friendly.

Sarah R.

I like Vita, I had a good feeling going in and I am very satisfied. I see an improvement in my condition, overall I feel better. The combination of everything I am doing at Vita is different from what I have typically done. The intensity is new and my hindrance is the time, to keep getting better. Rachel is great, all the way around. I trust her and I am confident enough to communicate with her. Vita is on the spot and consistent.

Paul P.