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We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care to all of our patients; it is what makes us unique. Our manual techniques and “one-on-one” treatment philosophy gives our patients lasting results time and time again.

It is our belief that in order to produce results we must create a distinctive training environment based on open communication, education, unsurpassed service at all levels, and the development of long term value based relationships.

Providing quality care and service to our patients make up the foundation of Vita. To demonstrate this commitment, Vita measures patient outcomes and satisfaction with a patient care coordinator.

Vita’s patient care coordinator is the unbiased liaison between therapist, physician, and patient who will help guide each patient through the rehabilitation process and ensure that the best possible care is administered.

Through the patient care coordinator, Vita will set goals for quality assurance and provide patient advocacy, information, and referral services to patients in order to address their medical and fitness needs.

The patient care coordinator will conduct three surveys throughout care where we will measure your initial and baseline health, measure progress through rehab, and assess overall improvement while partaking in therapy at Vita.