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I strongly recommend that all personal training clients engage in nutritional counseling early in their training program. Your training program will be more effective when combined with proper nutrition. Eating right is at least as important as the work you do in the gym. The old adage is true – you cannot out train a bad diet. Furthermore, your trainer will be better able to tailor a program to your needs when they understand your body’s composition. Finally, you are more likely to achieve your goals when your work in the gym is complimented by proper nutrition.

Personally, I had a positive experience with the program. Initially, I was confused and overwhelmed by all the bad information available on the internet. I made an effort to eat clean but really didn’t understand what “eating clean” meant. In twelve weeks, I lost sixteen pounds and my body fat fell by seven percentage points. And given the good habits I have developed, I expect additional positive results, going forward.

Tom H. (lost 17.1 pounds of fat in 12 weeks)

One of the main reasons I wanted to try Vita’s Nutrition Program was I wanted to see what I looked like and more importantly felt like if I lost 10 pounds of fat and put on muscle at the same time. It is not uncommon for people to tell me that I am in such good shape for my age but I knew I could be in far better shape. I surpassed my goals and benefited in many other ways. First, my main goal was to lose fat and gain muscle. At 5’10” and 180 pounds I wasn’t considered over weight but I felt that I didn’t need 10 pounds of fat. By the end of the program I had lost 10 pounds of fat and gained nearly 4 pounds of muscle.

Some of the other benefits that I didn’t see coming were:

  • improved sleep
  • more energy
  • enjoying food more
  • spending less on food by eating better
  • improvement in my skin
  • improved muscle tone
  • more muscle-increased strength.


Another huge benefit is that I now know the effect that sugar has on converting into fat and the amount of hidden sugar in foods I never expected. I also decided that at age 60 I better start taking better care of myself before someone else ends up having to take care of me. The Vita Nutrition Program gave me the tools I needed to make long-lasting changes that I plan to use for the rest of my life.

Gregg W. (lost 14.4 pounds of fat in 12 weeks)

Having committed to a solely plant-powered (vegan) lifestyle, Colleen’s expertise and individualized nutrition planning continues to help me realize my own athletic goals. As a senior endurance runner and professional coach, her knowledge and support have really helped me both re-shape my own wellness profile, as well as increase my overall understanding of nutritional needs. This program is a must for anyone looking for individualized, supportive, non-judgmental weight-loss or wellness assistance that really delivers results.

Julie W. (lost 13.2 pounds of fat in 12 weeks)

The program was personal and designed for my needs. It helped me learn how different foods affect my body and was not presented as a diet, but a lifestyle. The outcomes are going to be lifelong, unlike other programs I have tried that weren’t sustainable after I stopped counting points.

Carol Ann K. (lost 14.3 pounds in 12 weeks)

The program taught me what foods to eat and when. Colleen helped me learn to prepare food and encouraged me throughout the entire process.

Carl K. (lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks)

Over that 12-week period, I went from an initial 34.1% body fat and 65.9% lean to 28% body fat and 72% lean, with an overall weight loss of 15.9 pounds.
The nutrition plan that you prepared was thoroughly and patiently explained as to the reason for each food group and the corresponding impact on the body – non-starch vegetables, protein, fats and starchy foods. The weekly check-ins actually became a valued accountability checkpoint and you were very patient in answering any questions throughout the 12-week period. For example, when my schedule changed and caused me to be traveling, you took the time to point out ways in which to compensate for eating when not a lot of options were available. I found your willingness to take the time to be thorough, not only in our face-to-face meetings, but also through the weekly on-line check-ins to be very helpful. I also think that the approach that you take – that “life happens” – and acknowledging that there will be exceptions to our normal schedules, and to compensate for those exceptions, is very helpful. The program that you have helped me focus on is clearly sustainable and I look forward to continuing on the path you have set with me!

Thank you!

Randy C. (lost 17.3 pounds of fat in 12 weeks)