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Medically Based Fitness is a clinical approach to fitness that is therapist directed. Participants will be evaluated by a licensed therapist to determine the most appropriate exercise program to meet their needs and accommodate their medical conditions.

Evaluation results and plan of care are shared with referring physicians to ensure that your  needs are being met. We will provide you with clinically relevant information regarding patient progress and compliance with exercise programming.

Vita offers a full-service, private gym atmosphere with state-of-the-art equipment. Appointments are scheduled based your availability and provided in a one-on-one format. Medically Based Fitness is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to regain his or her physical fitness.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

The initial appointment is an assessment performed by a Vita physical therapist to determine any safety precautions that may need to be taken given your individual need as well as the right activity level. During your initial appointment, your physical therapist will take some vital baseline measurements, which will be used to set your individual goals as well as track your progress throughout the duration of your program.

Baseline Measurement Procedures Include: 

Cardiovascular capacity (VO2) testing
Body composition measurement
Girth measurements
Functional movement screening

Success is based on you

The “By Appointment Only” format of Medically Based Fitness ensures maximum accountability and guarantees that you will benefit from a non-crowded gym environment, personalized daily workouts, and an on-site physical therapist

Consult with a Vita therapist to see if Medically Based Fitness is right for you.

Medically based fitness is particularly beneficial to those living with; Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Weight Control Issues, Fall Risk, Fybromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke , POTS, or orthopedic & musculoskeletal issues.