12-Week Individualized Coaching

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One-on-one coaching is designed for those individuals who:

  • Feel as if they have tried “everything” without success and don’t know what to do next.
  • Have had a complex history with dieting and exercise for weight control, overeating, under eating, over-exercising, etc.
  • Need a very focused, action-oriented approach that is fully customized to their goals.

Your initial in-person appointment will review your:

  • History (including previous nutrition and exercise successes and misses, health concerns, and family history)
  • Individual preferences
  • Current lifestyle habits
  • Current body composition (assessed using the Bod Pod)
  • Long-term goals

Together, you and Maggie will devise an appropriate plan of action to start taking steps toward your goals right away and remote coaching will occur daily to assure you stay on track and formal weekly check-ins allow for revisions to the plan to occur efficiently. Additional remote consultations will occur at 6 and 12 weeks, during which you will also receive additional body composition assessments using the Bod Pod. Upon completion of the 12 weeks you will have the tools you need for ongoing success and less formal coaching is available as needed.

This type of coaching is very intimate and will help you get to the root of your limitations in achieving the health you desire.

If you are interested please fill out the form below or call 414.272.8482.