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No prescription? No referral? No problem.

The State of Wisconsin does not legally require patients to see a physician prior to initiating physical therapy, because of this many health insurance plans allow a patient Direct Access to in-network physical therapy benefits.

Prior to your first visit, we will perform a complimentary benefits check so you know exactly what your plan covers.

*(Note: Some policies, such as Medicare, still require physician referrals.)

What are the benefits of Direct Access?

A licensed physical therapist will evaluate you and promptly initiate treatment for your musculoskeletal injury or condition. Many complaints of pain, weakness, and limited range of motion can be improved or alleviated in just a few physical therapy sessions. Many studies show improved outcomes with prompt initiation of medical care.

At your first visit, a Vita physical therapist will obtain a health history, evaluate your muscles and joints, assess your physical function, and formulate a personal plan of care to meet your individual needs and goals.

Get Direct Access to physical therapy.

If you or someone you know would like to speak with us regarding Direct Access, call us today or complete the form below!