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I love hearing this question because typically the answer is Yes! Physical therapists are the movement specialists and have training which allows them to use various techniques to minimize pain and restore function.

Physical therapy aims to restore balance to the musculoskeletal system. This means if you feel that you have pain from tight, overworked, or weak muscles you can benefit from physical therapy. If you have noticed difficulty or pain with reaching to the floor, raking leaves, or climbing stairs, a physical therapist can identify what is causing the limitation and guide you in addressing the problem.

Being a physical therapist, I am biased. There is little harm in having a physical therapy evaluation (especially since Vita offers consultations for free). If physical therapy is right for you, no matter where you go for treatment, you should see improvements in four to six visits. If not, it is time to have the conversation about the interventions used and which additional medical professionals should be on board. There are times when a physician, surgeon, and/or medication are necessary to improve symptoms and quality of life. Having a physical therapist on your health and wellness team can keep you informed throughout the process and help you reach your goals. For more information on physical therapy and the benefits it provides click here.

-Rachel Thiel, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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