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In order to aide in building a custom-made fitness and nutrition program for you we enlist the help of the most up to date technology and measurement systems with the Bod Pod™ body composition testing. The Bod Pod™ is a whole-body density measurement system designed to accurately ascertain your lean mass to body fat ratio in a non-invasive and timely manner. An accurate measurement of one’s body composition is complementary to any fitness routine, as it aides in the development of a plan that is best suited for your individual needs.

Bod Pod™ body composition testing is used by the National Institutes of Health, 14 NFL teams, 38 U.S. military installations, NBC’s Biggest Looser, as well as many leading national hospital systems.

Some benefits of BOD POD™ body composition testing include:

  • Proven Accuracy using a whole-body density measurement
  • Testing in under 10 minutes
  • User friendliness
  • Safe and Non-Invasive
  • Suited for repeated testing
  • You do not have to be a client to use the Bod Pod™

Before the assessment

  • Wear minimal, form-fitting clothes
    • Women: A lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or a snug sports bra and bike-style shorts
    • Men: Thins fabric shorts, lycra/spandex-type swimsuit or single-layer compression bike-style shorts (no padding)
    • All must wear a swim cap to compress any air pockets within the hair. One will be provided, if you do not have a swim cap
  • Do not eat or drink or use tobacco for at lest two hours prior to the assessment
  • If you take insulin and your assessment is in the morning after a 12 hour fast, wait until after the assessment to take your insulin. Take all other medications as usual. Bring all your medications with you to the assessment
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activity two hours prior to the assessment
  • All jewelry and/or glasses must be removed before the assessment. Small studs for piercings are acceptable

During the assessment

  • One test will be performed without you in the Bod Pod™. During this time, you will be asked your age, height, and you will be weighed. You will then be asked to enter the Bod Pod™ and sit comfortably
  • You should limit your movement and breathe normally during the test
  • Three 40-50 seconds tests will be run while you are in the Bod Pod™. During this time you may feel some air pressure changes, and you may hear some sounds relating to the valves opening and closing. These sounds and pressure changes are normal
  • Your tester will open and close the door between each test to equalize the chamber pressure
  • You will be monitored closely during the test. Let your tester know immediately if you are having problems or feel bad in any way

The Bod Pod™ costs $40 or buy a pack of two for $75 or a pack of three for $100.

Call 414-272-8482 to schedule a Bod Pod™ or