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Vita has been named the Best Personal Trainers in Milwaukee for 2013 on through the A-List!

I want to be the first one to thank our Vita family for the support we received the entire month of December. We saw votes come in from not only all over the country but also all over the world. It is because of every single one of our supporters, we are proud to say we have been named the Best Personal Trainers in the city of Milwaukee!

The A-List on is a contest where the votes of the people determine the best in many different categories. The support for Vita was incredible and the comments that were shared remind us that without our clients, Vita would not be where we are today. Voters had more than 50 nominees to choose from, and we want to extend our congratulations to Drench Fitness, Body by Design, Fitness Together, and Epic Fitness & Sports Performance for finishing second through fifth respectively.

The amount of votes and tips that were written for the category of Best Personal Trainers shows that people in Milwaukee make fitness a priority. The Health and Fitness industry is seeing tremendous growth in Milwaukee and it displays that the culture of the city is starting to change. Our health is the biggest gift that we are granted and it is inspiring to see so many people take initiative to change their lives and stay healthy.

Once again, a big thanks goes out to everyone that helped us achieve this recognition. This cannot be said enough, we have the best family in the world. Our patients and clients truly care about our company and vision, made evident by their support. A final thanks to the city of Milwaukee and for putting on a great contest.

-Ricky Purdy, Director of Fitness

*Before starting any workout plan, verify with your physician to make sure you are ready to pursue rigorous exercise. (Remember our licensed physical therapists are able to provide an evaluation before starting exercise.)

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