Could YOU Benefit from Dry Needling?

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If you have pain, have increased your training intensity, or have tender knots in your muscles the answer is YES!

The use of dry needling is based on concepts of muscle referral dating back over 500 years. When muscles are over worked or sustain injury they develop trigger points. Trigger points are tight bands in the muscle that may cause pain. This pain could be experienced locally (directly under the pressure) or refer to other areas. For example, muscles of the neck can generate headaches behind the eyes, to the front of the head and more.

Trigger point dry needling is a manual physical therapy technique. Tommy and I both have special training in this technique. Although the same type of needle is used, this is not acupuncture. Dry needling is specific to the muscle and should elicit a twitch response. During dry needling you may experience autonomic responses and afterwards you will have muscle soreness. The benefits of dry needling are better circulation to the muscle, decreased pain, increased motion, and improved strength/control of the muscle.

Dry needling is covered under most insurance plans and can be part of your physical therapy treatment. We offer one session of dry needling FREE to our clients. For friends and family, the evaluation and first dry needling session is $35. If you enjoy the benefits of dry needling Vita has a dry needling package available. If you need additional exercises or treatment interventions, we can set up physical therapy appointments.

Trigger point dry needling has been incorporated into physical therapy practices for over 15 years and the research for specific diagnoses is building. Dry needling has quality evidence for treating headaches, shoulder pathologies, carpal tunnel symptoms with EMG findings, quadriceps control with total knee replacement and more.
For more information on dry needling, take a look at the following links that venture into the research and specifics on the technique:

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-Rachel Thiel, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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