5 Secrets for a Successful Workout Plan

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Unlock your potential and get that summer body you have always wanted. Learn how to build a successful workout plan!

5. Find Inspiration

What motivates you? Figure out what gets your engine revved. My personal inspiration is to feel good about working out. Now, do not get me wrong, sometimes working out sucks. It hurts, it burns, and sometimes it can even nauseate you. But have you ever NOT felt great when you are done? Focus on that, as well as the sense of accomplishment, instead of how you look or how much you weigh. “Wow, do I regret that workout.” Said no one, ever!

4. Consistency is key

You can get fit from pretty much any activity you enjoy. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and sample some classes you like. Rent a bike; take a jog; take a dance lesson. You never know what you do not like until you try it! Once you find an activity you enjoy, stick with it and you will find results come quickly with consistency in as little as 2 weeks! If fitness is important to you, you will find a way to exercise daily. If it is not, you will find every excuse in the book to prevent yourself from doing it. #JUSTDOIT.

3. Switch it up

Look back at what you have been doing for exercise in the past year. Have you seen the results you wanted? If not, chances are you have been doing the same thing repeatedly. Your body will adjust to whatever you subject it to, and you will stop seeing results if you do not switch it up. If you are not out of breath, sweating, or fatigued you are not going to get results. Try adding in a new exercise or activity all together.

2. Buddy up

Talk to some people you work with, friends, or even family members. I assume most people like to be healthy, so ask around and see if you can find some like-minded people who want to get or keep in shape as much as you do. Then find an activity you both like to do and hold each other accountable for your workouts! Look for a fun run; they are all the rage across the country right now. Google these: Electric Run, Color Run, Warrior Dash, and Tough Mudder. They are all great fun… they each have their own quirks to distract you from actually running. I promise you will not regret doing them once you cross those finish lines!

1. Call in the Pros

We went to school for this stuff. We eat, breathe, and sleep fitness. We have seen what works and what does not. We peruse fitness articles, YouTube videos, and professional journals just for fun in our free time, it keeps us in shape to help you get in shape. (Well, maybe that is just me). I get a kick out of using my fitness degrees to create new exercises that will change my client’s bodies. Find someone who challenges you and makes you feel great after every workout! Now go get moving, you are the only one stopping you!

-Lottie Kapitz, Personal Trainer

*Before starting any workout plan, verify with your physician to make sure you are ready to pursue rigorous exercise. (Remember our licensed physical therapists are able to provide an evaluation before starting any exercise)

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