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Join Vita Physical Therapy & Fitness and Help Save Lives By Donating Blood! When:  Tuesday August 23, 2016 Where: ...

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Who Needs a Gym?

Few people believe it, but you don't need barbells, dumbbells, or machines to build muscle; in fact, weight-training equipment often inhibits the process. That's because it requires you to be in a specific location, which might explain why more men consider themselves runners than lifters. After all, running is the most accessible form of exercise ...

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11 Rules for Eating Healthy on the Road

Whether it's a business trip or vacation fun, a little discipline goes a long way! Whether you're heading out for a business trip or vacation with your girlfriend, your diet might take a dive. Between fast food stops, huge restaurant meals, and a general "I-can-eat-whatever" attitude, the result is often vacation pudge that lasts longer than you w...

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Real Nutrition = Real Success!

Vita is excited to announce that Colleen Baughn has added Precision Nutrition Certification to her resume, bringing further expertise and knowledge to our already incredibly successful Real Nutrition Program! Vita launched the in January of this year and participants have lost an average of 14 pounds of fat over t...

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