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  2. February 2015
Get to Know Lindsay

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Vita family, Lindsay Carlson. Fitness has always been a major part of Lindsay’s life, her involvement in team sports served as a catalyst for her passion for fitness. She was a multi-sport varsity athlete through high school and went on to play soccer at Elmhurst College. She studied g...

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Plan Balanced, Healthy Meals with MyPlate

America’s longtime nutritional guide, the food pyramid, was replaced by a dynamic easy-to-follow program, Choose MyPlate. Think about your dinner plate for a moment. Is it covered with meat and potatoes and little else? Do your vegetables make up the smallest spot on your plate? Do you often eat more than you should? Your weight depends partial...

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Keeping a Well-Stocked Kitchen: Cupboard Basics

Keeping your pantry stocked with healthy foods is the first step toward building solid eating habits. Having plenty of healthy foods on hand is a great way to build a foundation for good eating habits that may last a lifetime. Do a pantry makeover and fill your kitchen with ingredients that may help the whole family develop health...

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5 Dieting and Nutrition Myths Busted

Forget everything you've heard about dieting and nutrition as we bust 5 myths. We all have one: A friend who seems to know all the latest fad diets and weight loss tips and tricks. The fact is, however, that there are many myths about how to go about eating and exercising. Here are five common dieting and nutrition myths debunke...

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