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  2. February 2014
Insurance 101

With the ever changing and increasingly complex world of the medical industry and insurance coverage often times patients are left wondering how much is medical care going to cost them. This blog is intended to help the average person get a very basic understanding of how their insurance plan works, and better understand the terms premium, deductib...

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Snooze it or Lose it

We have all been there at least a few times in our lives. Your alarm goes off and you choose to hit the snooze button rather than jump out of bed. What if you set a new resolution for the month of February? Put it in your head that you will do nine minutes of activity instead of sleeping during that snooze period? Believe me; nine extra minutes o...

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Max Kovalenko

In early April 2013, the day before I was set to move to Milwaukee, I decided to take a day to myself and take one last ski trip. I got to the beautiful Copper Mountain resort just as the slopes were opening. I was excited to be there so early and have a whole day of skiing ahead of me. Having a young career had made it difficult to find time fo...

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