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2014: The Year of the Pedometer

Hello and Happy New Year! Have you decided to make this your year? The year to finally get into shape or kick up your fitness routine. Aside from the best option of hiring a personal trainer, here's another way to jump start your year. A burst of new fitness gadgets have recently been introduced into the health industry and they far surpass the te...

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Best Personal Trainers in Milwaukee

Vita has been named the Best Personal Trainers in Milwaukee for 2013 on through the A-List! I want to be the first one to thank our Vita family for the support we received the entire month of December. We saw votes come in from not only all over the country but also all over the world. It is because of every single one of our supporters, ...

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Health Insurance for Therapy Services

Many changes are taking place in healthcare. This month we discuss what some of these changes mean for Medicare Beneficiaries. Not to worry, next month we will feature information on broader healthcare plans and explain what the deductible, co-insurance, etc. mean for you. Our goal is to help you understand and optimize what health insurance does f...

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Get to Know: Laura

Laura is our Director of Communications and has been with Vita for nine years. Laura has seen the company evolve and become what it is today, she is proud to be one of the original employees of Vita. 1. What takes up your time outside of work? I love doing anything outdoors! I enjoy spending time with my teenage daughters, it's f...

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