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Fitness has always been Klae’s passion. He grew-up watching and admiring his older cousins lifting weights and competing in sports. This was different from most of his family and surrounding community. These athletic men in his life inspired him to begin his journey of inspiring others.

In high school, Klae played football and ran track at Mt. Carmel high school in Chicago. Klae went on to study marketing at UW Platteville. After college Klae worked in marketing, but felt that he had more to contribute. Searching for his niche in the world Klae relocated to New York City. All the while Klae kept a foot in the fitness world. He has competed in and won body building and power lifting competitions. There are a variety of companies and fitness magazines he has modeled for Mens Health, Mens Fitness, and Muscle Fitness etc. Klae played semiprofessional football and won a national championship, during his tenure in New York.

Klae moved to Milwaukee and began obtaining a formal fitness and nutrition education, he also founded the Milwaukee Muscle Mil LLC. While back in Milwaukee, Klae has formed a partnership with the Milwaukee Public Schools to work on a comprehensive program aimed at educating staff and parents on general health and fitness, through boot camps and individual mentorship. Klae is an energetic, result driven person; he translates this into working on a one-to-one basis with clients to ensure that they achieve their goals.


Former elite athlete—retired professional ballet dancer, Julie is well versed in the application of proper technique and form in order to enhance personal performance.

“I’m in a unique position—to be in a youthful, energized profession while having the opportunity to draw on a lot of valuable life & professional experience. In my late forties, and after many years of related teaching experience and a corporate career, I began training clients privately and started seeing some wonderful results rather quickly. I began thinking–what’s next? How can I make a really meaningful difference? Finally, I devoted myself entirely to training and haven’t looked back. I believe it’s my responsibility as their trainer to provide a diverse skill set, adaptability to their particular needs and the creativity to keep it fresh and enjoyable. Whether my client is 18 or 80, athletic or a beginner, physically able or challenged—those goals continue to be a valuable compass.

Julie has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Alverno College, has performed with The Milwaukee Ballet Company, and has been a guest-artist with a variety of companies in the United States. She is an experienced trainer, an RRCA Certified Coach and a Running Clinic of Canada, Running Specialist. An avid, competitive runner herself, Julie specializes in minimalist running coaching for experienced runners as well as those taking their first steps on the road or trail.


I have always been interested in helping people in any way that I can. As an educator and administrator in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) for a combined 24 years, I was committed to helping students and their families become successful towards reaching career goals, graduation and college. While at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts, I used my dance background to help students succeed through exposure and exploration to dance and it’s various genres.

As a former professional dancer and most recently retired teacher/administrator with MPS, I have committed myself to helping people achieve their physical goals as a personal trainer. With my teaching, dance, and ACE (American council on Exercise) backgrounds I try to combine a unique perspective to suit my clients needs. I believe that my age is an asset to working with those who have strength, flexibility and balance issues or for those who lack confidence in a gym setting.


Colleen has been a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist since 2004, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her career has provided her a wide range of experience, spanning from treatment in the intensive care unit all the way to sports medicine interventions. She has a strong foundation in the importance of movement in all aspects of life and devotes herself to helping others learn to move more effectively to improve their overall quality of life.

To further her understanding and outreach, she has completed her Corrective Exercise Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and frequently seeks the most up-to-date research to ensure she uses the best methods in her treatment. In addition to her passion for bringing quality rehabilitation and fitness interventions to her clients, Colleen also implements training strategies in her own as she is an avid weightlifter and fitness competitor.


My passion goes beyond training in the gym. I have a love for sharing ideas, empowering others and helping them to become their true and best selves.

I believe that exercise, nutrition, and mental health all work together for the success of the individual and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. One of the most important things as a trainer is helping someone learn proper health and fitness techniques and how to incorporate exercise into daily life. Mmaking each routine functional for clients is key and will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are.


Jonathan has been a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist since 2009. He received his Masters of Occupational Therapy degree and double Bachelors of Science degrees in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Leadership at Concordia University Wisconsin. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been working as a personal trainer since 2004.

In addition to his education, Jon extends his clinical experience to students of Occupational Therapy with completion of American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Fieldwork Education Certificate program. Jon has experience in outpatient, sub-acute care and long-term care in treatment of individuals with specific as well as multiple medical conditions. With broad treatment experience and ongoing continued education, Jon has a broad treatment skill set in the following areas: Lymphedema, Urinary Incontinence, Alzheimer’s and other related dementias treatment and care, Ergonomics, Orthopedics, Wheelchair management and propulsion, Adaptive Equipment training, ADL and IADL retraining.

Jon uses the rehabilitative and bio mechanical frame of references in his evaluation and treatment approach and focuses his treatment on each individual’s needs.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from UW-Milwaukee and have been personal training since 2004.  I also have a Master’s degree in Geosciences and am currently in the process of getting certified to teach middle and high school science.  My favorite physical activities are backpacking, hiking and yoga. I also enjoy running with my dog.  I believe in living an active lifestyle and practicing self care will create a happy and healthy life.