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Group coaching harnesses the power of a small, like-minded, group to provide accountability, support, and additional resources for everyone involved.  Groups are created based upon personal needs and goals such as the following:

  • Fat-Loss After 50 (female-only group)
  • Losing the Middle in Middle Age
  • Performance Enhancement Through Nutrition
  • Wellness Reset for Improved Health and Vitality

Each group is coached by Colleen directly and the number of participants is capped to assure adequate personal attention for each member.  When participating in a group, you will be expected to attend 3 in-person meetings during the 12-week program, during which you will be provided education unique to the group’s emphasis.  This education will then translate to actionable goals you will implement (with the help and support of both Colleen and your group) each week.  Online support will be provided weekly as well, through private online groups and via email access with Colleen.  Finally, body composition will be assessed at the onset and completion of the program, as appropriate and desired by each participant.